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The best Armagnacs come from dry white wines which are low in acidity and high in alcohol. The main grape varieties are:



Ugni Blanc :  grown in 75% of the region's vineyards. This variety came from Italy; it has a high yield (from 10 to 150 hl per hectare), can withstand frosts and is more adapted to clay / limestone soils;


Baco 22A : grown in 20% of the region's vineyards. This variety was planted after the phylloxera disaster in 1898. It is more suited to sandy and silty soils than to clay. Even at the beginning of the nineteenth century the spirit obtained from this variety was considered to be best;


Colombard : grown in 4% of the region's vineyards, but decreasing. It originally came from the Charentes and consequently is mainly used for the production of Cognac. Its wine gives a high alcoholic content;


Folle Blanche : grown in only 1% of the region's vineyards although it used to be the main variety until 1890. It is a very weak variety which requires much treatment.

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